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Add Facial Yoga into Your Daily Routine & Reap the Benefits

Facial Yoga is a rebranded version of an old trend. Since then, at least in the 1990s, many forms of facial exercise, often known as face aerobics, have existed. Yogis such as Fumiko Takatsu, Gary Sikorski & Danielle Collins, the founder of Happy Face Yoga, have revived the practice.

Does Facial Yoga Work, And is It effective?

A 2018 study looked at Gary Sikorski’s – Programme of Happy Face Yoga, whereby 27 women of middle-aged did facial Yoga for five months. The women advised to do 32 different Happy Face Yoga poses for Thirty minutes each day for eight weeks, then every other day for the remainder of the experiment—the trial implemented by Sixteen of the ladies.

Although the study’s size & breadth were limited, the results were quite encouraging. At the beginning, middle, & end of the study, the participants were photographed. Dermatologists examined their images and evaluated Nineteen distinct facial traits to determine each woman’s age.

Dermatologists noticed considerable reductions in cheek fullness throughout the trial, and the average projected age reduced from 50.8 to 48.1 years.

Facial Yoga, which consists of specific Yoga poses for exercising facial muscles, is jam-packed with anti-ageing secrets that can keep you looking young indefinitely. Facial Yoga is a beneficial, quick, and simple approach to maintain or restore your face’s contour. It is also cost-effective and has long-term effects.

A youthful appearance indicates that the mind, body, mind & spirit are all in good shape. Maintaining a youthful appearance is a challenging task. As we become older, our faces start to show indications of ageing. Sagging skin, Wrinkles, laugh lines, double chins, crow’s feet & bags under the eyes are just a few of the ageing symptoms that can make people feel self-conscious.

We are unable to employ such choices to preserve the attractiveness of our faces due to financial restraints, a lack of time & the adverse effects associated with medical or cosmetic operations. If you are experiencing age symptoms on your face, facial Yoga is an excellent way to attain a youthful and beautiful complexion.

Ageing seems to be unavoidable because it is a natural process. Sun exposure, bad dietary habits, low water intake, smoking, poor sleep, lack of physical activity, excessive cosmetic use, and living under stress and tension are just a few of the variables that might hasten the ageing process.

Mindfulness meditation & Yoga have a unique ability to deal with these risk factors and reduce their negative impact on the body. Aside from that, face yoga can help you re-establish and maintain your facial contour. 

Facial Yoga’s Anti-Aging Secrets

  • Facial Yoga, whether done for a few minutes to target specific areas or for a long time to target the entire face and neck, is helpful.
  • Improve the tone, flexibility & strength of the neck & facial muscles to preserve or restore facial configuration.
  • Increases skin elasticity, resulting in more minor drooping, wrinkles, and puffiness behind the eyes.
  • Skin firming results in a facelift, the correction of a double chin, the eradication of fine lines and crow’s feet, and the rejuvenation of facial skin through the release of muscular tension.
  • Improves blood circulation in the facial areas, resulting in a luminous and radiant complexion.

Facial Yoga combined with meditation can help you stay peaceful, enhance your self-esteem, feel relaxed & confident.

2 thoughts on “Add Facial Yoga into Your Daily Routine & Reap the Benefits

  1. Mindfulness meditation & Yoga have a unique ability to deal with risk factors and reduce their negative impact on the body.

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